Getting it Together.

I am consistently wanting to make everything.

And, then I want to make everything else and then I make some things and then they live in a hard drive or on a shelf or on a wall or in storage or at a friends house (Thank goodness for friends who love your stuff) or wherever it lands. That does not work. Showing your work is important and yet I have been opposed to participating for some unknown reason. Slowly unraveling the reasons, I realize that the Art world as I know it is not very interesting. The people are interesting. It is fun to swim in a sea that is over saturated with self worth and importance and a never ending supply of booze and conversation. It is the conversation that I love, it is the moment within a conversation where a group has a shared mutual mind. Even if only for a brief moment, this is the data exchange that intrigues me.

This is why I leave my studio to venture to your show/ studio / lecture / conversation.

 There is a fear when you are creating your own reality that is solely based on what the hell am I building philosophy of life.

What are we building? What am I building? These are all questions that I contemplate at the very least once a week.

On this note, I am committing to redoing my website and making all of my blogs and Etsy and Pinterest and tumblr and Facebook and all of the other things I forget passwords to quite frequently (Don't judge, there are lots of moving parts both inside and outside of my mind and world.)

Either way, I have needs and my need for a flat file tends to be superceded by my desire to ride my bike.

In the mean time, here are some images from all of the combined media I have been working on.

Making Moves and Waving. 2014
Katherine Metz

time. time. time.  2014

Katherine Metz

Stay tuned and feel free to send me anything that is interesting or helpful or just plain awesome.