Survey of Los Angeles Student Art Work
May 4 - 20, 2012, Everyday 11am - 6pm
Opening Reception: Friday, May 4, 7 - 10pm

Studio Sereno is pleased to present PROTOSTELLAR Survey of Los Angeles Student Art Work in our Project Room.

The exhibition features 16 art students representing 9 schools in the Los Angeles area:

Monica Bello ∙ ArtCenter
Laura Cechanowicz ∙ USC
Annie Cho ∙ ArtCenter
Alexander Collins ∙ Otis
Wesley Hicks ∙ CSULB
Chuck Sung Hohng ∙ ArtCenter
Raymie Idadevaia ∙ ArtCenter
Amy Lee Ketchum ∙ USC
Elijah H. Kleeman ∙ CalArts
James Lee ∙ Platt
Nathan Munoz ∙ CSULA
Michael Nesbit ∙ SciArc
Maria del Carmen Uriarte ∙ Otis
Matthew Waller ∙ ArtCenter
Audrey Wollen ∙ CalArts
Melissa Zimmermann ∙ CGU

Projection, sound, performance, text, animation, programming, drawing, painting, printmaking, conceptual objects, and sculpture.

Studio Sereno is grateful for the opportunity to meet these exceptional artists and would like to express gratitude for the extraordinary individuals who are responsible for introducing us to the artists: Thank you to Clyde Beswick of CB1 Gallery, Lisa Mann at USC, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe at ArtCenter, Chris Wilder at Otis, Mason Cooley at CSULB, Thor Erickson at SciArc, Michael Dee at Platt, Suzanne Lacy at Otis, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions at large.

Studio Sereno is a producing art studio which provides artistic services such as project management, consultation, and fabrication for the arts and entertainment industry: we are not a gallery. Our Project Room is for finishing projects but each quarter of the year we hold the space open for curatorial projects. Please join us in supporting these artists as they begin they their circumnavigation of the art world.

Street parking is available.

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