Slow and Steady.

Always making and always doing keeps my mind at ease. I truly enjoy all of the beautiful things in life. 

I love this set up. The old Lane Cedar Chest is one of my favorite pieces I have found over the years. Perhaps it is because of the idea of a HOPE chest and what it represents in our somewhat atomic age of potential fueled collecting and association with objects. 

The turquoise colored fire buckets are from the 1930's and I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. The bucket filled with oil cans is a sculpture I created based on a concept I have toiled with for quite some time. The collage on the top left is something I made. 

It says:

"Lovely to Look at Delightful to Hold, But if you Break It, Consider it Sold." 

These are some handmade wooden coasters sitting in the que in front of my typewriter. I use my typewriter to make cards.

 Paintbrushes in a glass jar.  The stack of handmade paper notebooks is part of a sculpture that I put together that has a tiny drawing and a wall piece that hangs and then a pedestal. This is just a part of the whole piece. In it's entirety, the sculpture is titled, "Made in China"

This photo is of one of a Pony collage made by Katherine Metz (right) and a white series collage by Aaron Edelson (left) and some photo proofs that I am printing.

I have a ton of work and have been super busy organizing all of it and creating a workflow that seems to suite me well. I am using a label maker to make everything even more systematic. I am almost at the point where I can hire someone to assist me. It feels so good. I love working with people I love. Slowly, but surely everything is coming together in such a great way that it is done with ease. 

I am currently designing the interior for a woman's house who is totally in love with my photography and has given me total freedom, which is always fun!

You can check out some of my paintings and collage and what not here.

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